Saturday, October 03, 2015

Interested in History of Photosynthesis Research?

There is a long history of photosynthesis research. If interested, please write to me at We will deal with history with small "h", not History with capital "H". That is, we will deal with specifics, not generalities. You may browse through almost 100 papers published in Photosynthesis Research volume 73 (2002), volume 76 (2003) and volume 80 (2004), and contact me about any of the papers . You are also welcome to post your comments on this 'blog'. At present, I am particularly interested in (1) the 'history of the evolution of the concept of 2 light reactions and 2 pigment systems', during the period of 1957--1967; it started with late Robert Emerson et al. (1957), followed by late Bessel Kok (1959); late Robin Hill (1960); late Louis N.M. Duysens (1961); and late Horst T. Witt  (1961); and many others; (2) the 'history of the papers by Daniel Arnon and coworkers'; they had a paper in 1961 showing a 2 light reaction scheme, and then 1 light reaction, and 3 light reactions, rejecting in the end Hill & Bendall scheme. You may wish to visit my web site: for further information.
Govindjee, Urbana, Illinois, USA